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I’m currently on hiatus from social media for October, using the Freedom app, which I highly recommend.

You can block social media, shopping (hello Prime Days, haha), or otherwise on whatever basis you choose, and it can be across apps and sites, on both your computer and your phone!

In June of 2022, I blocked all social media, and it was a highly productive month right before I finished draft two of my first novel.

ANYWHOOO here’s all my news:

No. 1: I’m taking part in another fun giveaway, and it has all the cheer of a Hallmark Holiday Movie Marathon!

If you love meeting new authors (secret Santas) and winning prizes, don’t miss this once-a-year event! It takes place in Abbie Roads’ Dangerous Dark Darlings FB group, so JOIN NOW! And then show up on December 1st and 2nd for free and easy fun! I hope to see you there!

No. 2: I’m going on a writing retreat in November! Have I mentioned that? With other writers and editors through HEA Author Services — and I’m sooo excited. We’re going to spend a week in Ireland, and I’ve never been there! Please share if you have tips on places I should go or things I should see. Despite my taking a social media break, you can still reach me using the contact form HERE.

No. 3: I’ve started weekly meeting in person with another writer to co-work, and while last week was our first week, it was so nice to be out and committed with a like mind to achieve our goals. As many of my friends have said, writing a book must take so much discipline, and that ain’t no joke.

No. 4: I’m so behind on my deadlines. I’m not freaking out; I’m not freaking out!!!

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I’ve completed the developmental edits on my first novel. But the line edits are taking FOREVER. Once I finish them, I can query for that work some more and commence plotting and writing for book two in my trilogy. I’m considering doing something wild for me, and not plotting every scene but moving in the direction of pantsing (aka writing from the seat of your pants) between each beat while knowing the underlying conflict in the hopes of pulling something more raw but authentic out—which is terrifying.

No. 5: I have been reading some really good books! I can’t post about them on social right now, but you can read my reviews by following me on Bookbub or Goodreads! My two latest reads were Book Lovers by Emily Henry (all the angst!) and Meet Me at the Lake by Carley Fortune (whimsical!). I’m in the middle of finally reading The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang, and so far, I am loving it! To build on my craft/writing business, I’m also listening to 7 Figure Fiction by T. Taylor.

But if you’re looking for a good book to read VERY SOON, I must plug The One That I Want, available for pre-order by my dear writing friend (and co-author in our Love at Dawn anthology) Keely Thrall.

Here’s the blurb (which I adore):

I like control. Hand me a man’s tie, and I’ll put it to good use. But when the nice guy I’m hooking up with pushes for more and I cut the knots loose? He shows his stubborn side, unwilling to give me up. With each heated encounter I slide deeper into the fantasy we’re building, one where we have a future together. Now I’m hanging onto control by my fingertips and all I want to do is let go.

I know you want it, so go order it now! Pre-Order Here

No. 6: I can’t forget to plug that my next work is already available for pre-order! I am so excited about the story I have in pre-op, featured in Craving My Roommate, an anthology of steamy contemporary romance works by many great authors. It’s set in Paris, France, and focuses on two pre-med students who have a lot of stress they need to find a way to release together. LOL. Don’t miss this—get your pre-order in now! We are trying to make the USA Today Bestsellers list for this one, and every order counts! Buy it on every platform if you want to help us make it!

Thanks for your love and support, as always.


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