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Skye Knight’s parents used to try to keep a rein on her reading by limiting her to three books every time she mowed the lawn, and she only wished the grass would grow faster. When done with her three, it was time to pilfer her Gran’s shelves, and that’s where she discovered romance. She and her mother often fantasized about becoming authors and living by the beach. Skye finally started to write that first novel in 2013 while pregnant with her first child. Now, she’s writing full-time and hopes to venture into most romance genres.

Craving My Roommate

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Craving My Roommate is a steamy contemporary romance anthology, which will include my short story along with many others that will provide a great escape at the beach next year!

Finding a roommate should be simple. Easy as pie, right?

The roommates in this steamy collection will discover just how messy things can become.

Not looking for love, but living in close quarters, and with undeniable chemistry, things will get complicated quickly.

They will try and deny their desires as long as they can, but will their cravings for one another win out in the end?

Release Date: July 23, 2024