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Over 300 authors, including yours truly, have signed up to take part in the Isn’t It Romantic Book Club’s “Fall Into a Book Giveaway” on Facebook. This fantastic and fast-paced event is your chance to meet authors, play games, and win many prizes, including books!

It’s only two days next week, Friday, September 22, and Saturday, September 23, but the group enables readers to interact and talk about romance all year.

Isn’t It Romantic Book Club’s monthly meetings are live-streamed, so readers can chat and ask questions with their favorite romance authors!

Join the group so you don’t miss this great opportunity and get to hang out with me!

Friends, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support. *HUGS*

In other news, I’ll give a little writing update while I’m here. I’m participating in a 6-week coaching intensive program called Work It offered by the fabulous Jen Graybeal to up the game with my author career. A great group of authors is taking part, and I love how comprehensively the program gets at the variety of topics authors across genres and experience levels need to work on.

Additionally, I sent out a few queries for the first book in my contemporary romance trilogy (and even received one rejection, which I’m going to celebrate as hooray! Progress! Because even JK Rowling and Steven King had rejections—you have to send out a LOT!) but am hard at work sending out more queries and wrapping up final edits on that manuscript.

As announced in my previous blog, I have a new short story coming out next summer in an anthology called Craving My Roommate. It’s a contemporary romance and STEAMY! Get ready because my recent trip to France inspired it. We are trying to make the USA Today Bestsellers list with this anthology of stories, so we need every single pre-order we can get!

If you’re inclined to spend just $4 instead of 99¢ — I would be eternally grateful if you ordered the anthology on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble/Nook, AND Kobo because we need sales across all the platforms. You can find the link to order from all of them here:

Lastly, I’m about to commence work on book 2 of my contemporary romance trilogy. I wrote the first five chapters a few years ago, but I’ve got all new, deeper subplots across the trilogy now, so I can’t wait to attack it again. I’ll keep you posted as that moves along.

But in the meantime, please join me next week! Join the Isn’t It Romantic Book Club on Facebook now, and you’ll be ready for Friday. 🙂

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