Exciting News: Hot New Short Story!

I am thrilled to share my next short story is available for PRE-ORDER NOW!

It’s part of a romance anthology called Craving My Roommate, a steamy collection of contemporary romance short stories that will be great to escape with on the beach next year!

Finding a roommate should be simple. Easy as pie, right?

The roommates in this steamy collection will discover just how messy things can become.

Not looking for love, but living in close quarters, and with undeniable chemistry, things will get complicated quickly.

They will try and deny their desires as long as they can, but will their cravings for one another win out in the end?

Authors include:

Ashley Zakrzewski
Amy Stephens
Amanda Shelley
Denise Wells
Anne Lange
Kristin Lee
Marie Winters & Jo Richardson
Eve Sterling
Regina Frame
Keighley Bradford
JC Jaye
Cata Ree
KL Myers
Sasha Marshall
Sutton Bishop
Sharon Wray
Emery LeeAnn
Meg Napier
J. Keely Thrall
Julie Halperson
GG Gabriel
Skye Knight
Susanna Eastman
Dania Voss
Lori Ann Bailey
Diane Gaston
Diana Belchase
Laurel Wanrow
Leanora Cowan
S.L. Sterling
Skye Blackburn
Alexis R. Craig
Ashlee Shades
Renee Dyer
J.T. Bock
Carolina jax
Kinsey Booth
Wynter Ryan

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