Love at Dawn Launch Update!

My first published work of fiction came out on Tuesday, March 21st! Squee! You can find my science fantasy romance short story “Butterflies and Goodbyes” as the fifth story in the romance anthology Love At Dawn, available now in e-book and paperback!


I can’t believe it. And here I am a month and a half later, finally blogging about it! I feel like I have been so busy doing ALL the things—but it’s been such a great learning experience.

I promoted on social media like a maniac–I conquered my fear of talking to the camera and posted regularly on Instagram reels, the dreaded TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

I partook in two FB group takeovers, first with Coffee, Cupcakes, and Contemporaries – a Book Group, which has over 3000 members, and then with The Romance of Reading, which has over 7000 members.

We’ve been tracking reviews, and we have FIVE STARS on Amazon! Here are highlights from some of my favorites:

A large and dear group of our writer friends threw us an amazing book launch party on Saturday, April 8, where we had the cover of our book on the front of a cake! These writers have been supporting and cheering us along for a long time, and we wouldn’t be here without the love and support of each of them.

AND I partook in my first in-person book club on Thursday, May 4, where my book was the one they read and discussed! A lovely group of moms in the Palisades who’ve had their book club Palisades Wines & Spines, since before the pandemic, picked our book to read in April. Four of us anthology authors were there in person and the other three joined virtually, and they even made food themed around each of the short stories. We had a wonderful chat for an hour and a half, and then we realized no one had eaten, and we had to break! It was the COOLEST.

AND we have a book signing event on the calendar for the afternoon of Sunday, July 9th at the bookstore Word Play in Wardensville, WV. More info coming on that soon!

I have more updates to share with what is going on with the rest of my writing… but I think this is more than enough for now! I can’t believe what a month and a half it’s been!

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