The Night B4 My Mini-Writing Retreat!

I am so excited I’m leaving tomorrow for a mini-writing retreat with another writing friend, staying for a long weekend in my rental condo in Kiawah Island, SC!!! Woo-Hoo!!!

I was real productive the first 3 days of last week, with the last day even achieving close to 4000 words! That was huge for me.

But then I had a special family member coming in town Friday, so had to prep Thursday, and then took the time off to enjoy being with her. Dropped her off at the airport this morning, and this day has consisted of packing and switching out my girls’ clothes for the winter… and cleaning the house as it was in dire need. We’ll see how well the hubs can keep it up by himself (relatively) with our two girls and pup, LOL!

When we bought this place in Kiawah “our happy place” early pandemic summer 2020, I projected, dreamed, of using it quarterly for writing retreat weekends. It’s taken over a year, but FINALLY I’m getting to use it that way. I truly hope that I can make it a more regular occurrence in coming years. And I can’t wait to see how much I can push myself to get done in one weekend.

So here’s where I left off–23% complete, at 19,648 words. I’ll report back after the weekend!

*Happy to give credit for all memes featured on this page–could not figure out original creators!

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