Setting Intentions

I thought, for this week, it might be a little fun to dive into a bit of whimsy.

For those of you who don’t know me well, I have an interesting personal history with all things new age. I mean, with a name like Skye, this is probably not incredibly shocking. But I grew up in a household of hippies, with tie-dye, guitars, crystals, smudging, all that. When my parents separated when I was in second grade, my father really set out on this path. He led the Reiki club of Charleston (in South Carolina) in the early-90s, and when I went to live with him, he actually had me trained in Reiki 1–and I was only in late elementary school at that time. I performed hands-on-healing alongside adults. I learned how to send and receive energy, how to meditate, and more. And I listened to a heck of a lot of Enya.

My father died when I was 12. Colon cancer at 48 years old. I just moved on from my new age past, didn’t tap into it for years. But I would find myself, in moments of stress rooting for my sports teams, with my hands falling into the interlaced position meant for sending energy, my dominant thumb on top, index fingers steepled, trying to help my teams. (Let’s add a caveat that both of my parents had higher degrees in physical education and were coaches, so the competitive streak and sports-interest in my life is REAL) Slightly ridiculous to send energy to the sports teams I wanted to win, but it just felt very natural. My husband would just shake his head at me (probably also because my Gamecocks tend to be a hopeless cause).

As I got older, and self-care, yoga, and meditation penetrated the mainstream, I met people who were in this world, and it started to bring back fond memories for me. But it was not something I had time for in my busy, executive, city, mama, crazy life balance.

However, once I realized I was taking on this crazy but inspiring year ahead, writing all the time… what did I fall back on?

My intentions. And how to funnel positive energy for a new focused pursuit of writing. I revisited which crystals and gemstones would help me to do so and found ones I could wear when I want to channel them. (I also smudged all lingering bad vibes out of my office and out of my house. LOL.) Here is what I went with for my starter set…

The clear quartz, the bomb diggity, bringing clarity, manifestation, illumination. It’s the master healer and meant to amplify your energy and balance.

The moonstone, representing divine feminity, but for me, even more important–new beginnings and destiny. It’s meant to encourage growth and strength, and bring success and good fortune.

Blue Lapis–I already lost an earring back to these, so need to find one to replace it with, but brings awareness, inner wisdom, and trust. It has calming and sedate energy and is the universal symbol of wisdom and truth.

Citrine–representing happiness, positivity, abundance. It releases the negative, encourages optimism, enhances creativity, and attracts prosperity. ‘Nuff said.

And lastly, Adventurine, which brings good luck, manifestation, and optimism.

These are the gemstones I chose to surround myself with when I launched my new adventure this year. I don’t wear them every day, but I try to wear them on heavy creative output days, or on days I’ll be representing myself as a writer to the outside world.

Some may see it as a bunch of hokey pokey, but I love how it makes me feel. It’s weird how life changes make you tap into things from your childhood. These make me feel like I’m aligned with the universe and pushing in every possible way to achieve my dreams.


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