Following Through

Don’t faint. I’m posting another blog within a month! So serious. Following through!

KNIGHT PONDERINGS (These will include my ramblings about writing)
“Though my soul may set in darkness it will rise in perfect light. I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” — Sarah Williams

Per my last blog post, I’ve been working on re-plotting. It is slow, and it is tedious. But it is happening! Not only do I need to raise the stakes in the early part of the book and add in some new external conflict plot points early on, but I think I need to change the black moment from the hero’s POV to the heroine’s POV. To make it blacker. Scarier. Darker. And I think I need to look over the whole plot, and adjust my chapter breaks as well as my other breaks. Right now, the chapter lengths vary greatly! I don’t know if that’s a big deal… but I know some are far too long. And finally, as I make all these adjustments, I need to actually edit and clean up my grammar and errors, which I haven’t done yet–and it’s pretty messy from pumping out the whole novel in about 6 weeks time.

The good news is, I’ve devoted some significant time in the last couple of weeks to it–including two Tuesday Write Night meetings in a row, where a bunch of WRW writerly folks gather together to write and commiserate, as well as inviting some folks to my house for some wine and writing one night. It’s so nice to have a community of writers to support each other in our endeavors, which can be relatively intimidating and lonely work, but you have to just keep hammering at it. And thank you writing friends–for reminding me tonight to make another blog post. 🙂

Most recently, as in tonight, as I was working on my novel, re-plotting… I forgot to re-plot. Because I got so caught in my novel, I was just enjoying. And laughing out loud. To me… couldn’t be a better sign. Because we are our own worst critic… and for just a little while, I got to just be a reader instead of my own editor.

And finally, we have a fun event coming up Saturday, a tour of the Washington National Cathedral’s bell tower with WRW folks and then lunch “to talk all things genre and world-building.” Looking forward to doing something out of the norm to see what ideas it triggers!

SKYELIGHTS (This will be recent highlights from my non-writing life)
“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” — Rumi

The pumpkin playground/patch/festival in Burke VA was amazing. I highly recommend. My little Star loved it–especially the super fast slide and the witches flying around in the woods on the hayride!

In other news, I had a bit of the rough weekend. Star cut two of her fingers… and as fingers do… they bled like crazy. I was semi-freaking out. And on top of that she had a diaper blowout. I couldn’t contain a toddler, to apply pressure and assess severity as well as keep blood from getting on everything, and find our first aid kit at the same time. Eventually, I got everything under control and it was all alright but what an ordeal!

And then, same night, I was going to bed and stubbed my toe on the door. It hurt all night. And then as I had a regular doctor’s physical today, she wanted to xray it because my poor little pinky toe was so swollen and red but the good news is… no fracture, no boot! Just some buddy tape required. And that’s great, because the hubs Jedi and I have a big trip coming up for our 10-year-anni to Peru! Not sure walking around Machu Picchu in a boot would have gone too well. 🙂

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