You step to the ledge. You close your eyes. You inhale. And you step out, ready for whatever comes. That’s how I feel right now. A little scared, definitely vulnerable. I’m following my dream. Following your dreams shouldn’t be that scary right? It wasn’t when you were a kid. That’s what life was about! Dreaming, and figuring out what you wanted out of life. And yet so many of us, as adults, end up just marching on, wherever, with whoever, and whatever we’ve ended up with.

I am so blessed. I have the best husband. He’s brilliant, and sweet, and funny, and so supportive. Oh and darned good looking too. 😉 My silly but dominant tricolor rescue border collie Dagny likes to tell me what to do. My family and friends, who love to make fun of me for the fact that I pronounce everything with an “un-” as “on-“, for instance, on-zip, or on-usual. Etc. They also tolerate my being so literal that I sometimes can’t understand what they mean unless they spell it out for me. And my job? Has been a blessing I almost fell into–a bunch of creative and fun folks who have helped me grow, working in a fascinating business (cable TV) with a great brand, while I endeavor to succeed in its emerging platforms.

And yet… I’ve always had this little funny dream. You see, when I was growing up, my parents made me mow the lawn for books. Why? Because I read them so fast–and they could only afford so many–and you can only mow the lawn so often! But in turn, that meant I would read whatever I could find. And more often than not, that meant hitting my Gran’s stash. And Gran’s stash was full of those steamy, heart-wrenching romances. Make fun of them if you will, but I loved them. Yes, often it’s the same story over and over again. They’re called tropes. But readers find comfort in them, and they love them. And as for my dream? I figured out one day that I really wanted to try writing them.

So here I am big world! I’ve taken my leap! We’ll see where I fall. But why not? As the kids say these days, “YOLO!” I’m very happy with my life–but somehow in my free extra time, I’m going to try to cram in this extra little dream and pursue it. I’ve got a fun, contemporary romantic trilogy up my sleeve based in DC, with which I’m going to take my first spin in the writer’s world. I’ve joined the RWA and WRW, I’ve attended writers’ meetings, met other writers, and I’m working on forming my first writers’ critique group as we speak. Now, I’ve just got to get to that writing… which supposedly, is the hardest part! Wish me luck on this journey!

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